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The Persaud Advantage in Workplace Investigations

In the complex world of workplace investigations, having a report that can withstand scrutiny in court or during arbitration is paramount. Persaud Employment Law’s real-world litigation experience sets us apart, ensuring that our investigations are conducted with the hearing in mind.

Why Choose Persaud Employment Law for Workplace Investigations?

The Persaud Promise​

Workplace Investigations and Training is WHAT WE DO. And whether you’re a law firm or business looking for 3rd party investigations, our skills as an Employment Law Firm offers both you or your client peace of mind by delivering the following:​

We do not represent employees, so you never have to worry about seeing us on the opposite side of a file or accepting work from your client.​
You’ll get a predictable timeline and cost​.
Weekly updates on investigations is standard procedure, so you’ll always be aware of our progress and be able to update your client​.
We do not represent employees, so you never have to worry about seeing us on the opposite side of a file or accepting work from your client.​

The Persaud Process: A Comprehensive Approach to Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations and Training is ALL WE DO. Our approach offers peace of mind by delivering:

Why Choose Persaud Employment Law for Workplace Investigations?

Understanding the Importance of Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are more than just a legal requirement; they are a vital tool in maintaining a healthy, respectful, and productive work environment. At Persaud Employment Law, we recognize the importance of conducting thorough, unbiased investigations that not only meet legal standards but also contribute to a positive workplace culture.

Our Approach to Different Types of Investigations

In addition to our investigation services, we offer training and education to equip HR professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to conduct internal investigations. Our seminars and webinars cover topics such as:
We leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance our investigation process, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and confidentiality. Our digital tools allow for secure communication, evidence collection, and data analysis, providing a seamless experience for our clients.
Our experience in litigation allows us to work closely with legal counsel, ensuring that our investigations align with legal strategies and objectives. We provide support during hearings, arbitration, and court proceedings, reinforcing the strength of our findings.

Why Choose Persaud Employment Law?

"My client faced allegations of sexual harassment involving the CEO. I needed someone who could uncover the truth and provide a strong report. Dorian’s litigation experience was evident in the concise, gap-free evidence. His weekly communication and on-time, on-budget completion made my client happy. I enjoyed working with Dorian and highly recommend him for your investigation needs."
Stuart Rudner


All Your Questions Answered

There’s a lot to know about workplace investigations!

Let this short FAQ answer your most basic questions. If you have more, just Contact Us below.

A workplace investigation is a structured process to examine complaints or allegations in the workplace. It ensures a fair, impartial, and thorough understanding of the situation, safeguarding the rights of all involved parties.
An unbiased third-party brings objectivity to the process, ensuring that the investigation is free from internal influences, potential conflicts of interest, or perceptions of bias. This promotes trust in the investigation's outcomes.
Dorian Persaud and his team specialize in conducting comprehensive workplace investigations. With vast experience in both the government and private sectors, they ensure a meticulous, fair, and unbiased examination of all issues.
Specialists bring a depth of knowledge, experience, and expertise that ensures the investigation is thorough, compliant with legal standards, and respects the rights of all parties involved.
Apart from conducting investigations, Dorian and his team offer free educational webinars and paid courses tailored for HR professionals. These resources can enhance your skills and understanding of the investigative process.