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clear sexual harassment illustration and a woman shocked and worried at unwanted contact
Sexual Harassment Investigations: Landmines & Professional Conduct

Don't miss this chance to enhance your ability to manage one of the most delicate and important aspects of workplace dynamics. Click the "Register Now" button and secure your place in this enlightening session..​

Understanding the Minefield:
• Uncover the hidden complexities and potential pitfalls in sexual harassment investigations.
• Gain insights into common mistakes that can turn a well-intentioned investigation into a legal nightmare.
Professional Conduct Guidelines:
• Learn about the ethical principles that must guide these sensitive investigations. Understand how to maintain impartiality, ensure fairness, and build trust throughout the process.

Real-Life Case Studies:

• Delve into actual examples from large organizations that have faced lawsuits related to harassment or discrimination. Examine the results of these cases and the vital lessons to be drawn.

Human resources director examining documentary evidence during and employment workplace investigation
Managing the External Investigator
Join us in a detailed exploration of the key aspects of directing external investigations in the workplace. This insightful and practical webinar is a must-attend for those looking to master the nuances of collaborating with third-party investigators..​
businessman in a tie stopping the domino effect - illustrating stopping a workplace complaint getting out of hand
Crisis Management: Investigations & Scandal​
High-stakes, high-pressure, sensitive investigations often take place in the public eye. And that means you MUST get everything right.​ Learn to strategize investigations, stakeholders and manage potential fallout in this webinar.
Best Practices in Workplace Investigations​
Designed specifically for HR professionals, you’ll leave this webinar with practical guidance and wisdom in conducting internal workplace investigations. Learn how to watch for bias and more while we review real-world cases and their consequences.​
Recognizing and Combating Workplace Bias ​
In today's rapidly evolving work environment, understanding and addressing bias is not just an ethical imperative but a legal necessity. This webinar dives deep into the complexities of bias, both conscious and unconscious, that can affect every facet of an organization.

About Dorian Persaud

Dorian is an accomplished employment law attorney based in Toronto, Canada who’s specialty is workplace investigations and HR training.
With Dorian’s experience in handling investigations for both governmental bodies and private companies – including high profile cases, he’s developed the perfect experience to train HR professionals and management teams on proper investigations.

Dorian Persaud

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