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Educational events designed to help all of us create a fair and unbiased work environment.

That's Not Harassment - Employee Perspectives and How to Manage Them

You’ve heard these complaints before – in this webinar we’ll explore the definitions and responses to NOT harassment…

  • I was denied overtime.
  • My boss changed my job.
  • Vacation time was denied.
  • I’m not allowed to work from home

Sexual Assault Investigations [Canada World Juniors 2018]

When it comes to HR complaints, responding with efficiency and speed is vitally important.

The faster you complete your investigation, the sooner your workplace can start to heal.

June 13 –  2:00pm

Conducting Sexual Assault Investigations [Chicago Blackhawks]

The Chicago Blackhawks provide an ideal example of how NOT to conduct a Sexual Harassment investigation.

Learn what they did wrong – and how to avoid it yourself.

Past Event

How to Manage a Workplace Investigation [2024]

Paste Event

Workplace investigations are a critical component of maintaining a safe, ethical, and compliant work environment.


Avoiding Common Mistakes in Workplace Investigations

Mistakes ARE made… but they don’t have to be!

Especially when there are a handful that show up in almost every workplace investigation we conduct.

September 12 –  2:00pm

Tackling a Critical Issue: Racism in the Workplace

It’s VITAL to have the education and internal toolkit to combat Racism in your organization.
And the skills to handle a workplace investigation where racism is involved.

Learn that here..

September 19 –  2:00pm